Brinks Home Security

If you have used the Brinks home security package in the past, you may be wondering what has happened to the Brinks services for homes. There’s good reason why you may not be able to track it down easily since it has merged with another company that you have most likely heard of. ADT merged with Brinks and Broadview as one company to offer the best security program available.brinks home security

Brink’s Home Security History

The Brinks Company has been in operation since 1959 as a security and protection company in Richmond Virginia. It grew to become a high name security company in the armored transportation industry.

At the very beginning it was a transportation system operating in Chicago using horse-drawn wagons to deliver parcels. The business expanded from there to serve markets around the area. The first bank delivery was made in 1891 when silver dollars were delivered to a bank in Chicago.

One of the turning points for the Brinks home Security Company occurred after a few years when the Chicago World’s Fair named it as the official transporter for money. This helped Brinks secure its name as a trustworthy security company.

Today, most people associate the Brinks name with their fleet of armored trucks that carries valuables and money cross-country serving jewelers, retailers, governments, mints and banks. This line of armored cars was first introduced after World War II and drivers were told to carry weapons for protection. In the 1960’s Brinks started to expand into South America and Europe and airfreight was added to their long list of services.

In the 1980s, the Brinks home security line of service was introduced to the public. Since Brinks already had a reputation for trustworthy service, the company made instant headway into the field. This business lasted for more than two decades until Brinks Security was restructured into Broadway Security in 2008.

In 2010 the security legend ATD merged with Broadway Security and today is one of the largest home security networks in the world. If you are looking for the Brinks Home Security Company, you’re going to have to look at ATD instead.

Brink’s Home Security And ATD

No matter what name this home security company goes by, you are sure of receiving top quality home monitoring, and that’s the really important thing anyway. With today’s crime levels soaring throughout the nation, home security has become a necessity.

Wise people invest in an ADT, formally known as Brinks Home Security, system as a form of prevention. Although you may be thinking that it will never happen to you, the fact is that a home break-in can happen to anybody at any time. The best way to deal with this potentially dangerous situation is to install a security system that will deter thieves from entering your home.

24/7 Security

Home monitoring services offer 20 4/7 security that you can rely on. This means that every night when you go to sleep you will be assured that your home is being watched. If you have to go away for a weekend, you can do so without fear. If you have teenage children that you’re leaving alone for the evening so that you can spend some special time with your partner, you can leave with peace of mind. This is what you can expect once you arm your home with the advanced technology that can safeguard your home.

Brinks Home Security offers true value at a small price. When you compare the amount of money you pay for monthly monitoring against the high cost of replacing your valuables should a break-in happen, it’s really an easy decision to make. This is not to mention the danger that any family members would face should a home invasion happen when someone is at home. In fact, it’s very difficult to think of the consequences should something like this happen.

An Investment – Not An Expense

This is one of the things that most people don’t consider when they are looking at a Brink’s home security system. Most look at the cost and don’t really see the investment value in securing their home. If these people would simply take out a piece of paper and list the cost of replacing certain valuables in their home versus the small amount that needs to be paid monthly for home security, the answer would scream out at them from the page.

Most insurance companies also offer a discount on home insurance if a security system has been put into place. In some cases this amount can offset the costs of the low monthly maintenance security fee completely. Insurance companies know that a system for monitoring the home is the most effective way of warding off thieves.

If you have been thinking of getting yourself protected for the future it’s a good idea to act sooner than later. There are a lot of different kinds of systems available including the ADT/Brinks Home Security network. Anything you can do to protect yourself is definitely putting your best foot forward at this stage of the game.