Home Alarm Systems

The Evolution of Home Alarm Systems

home alarm systemsWith home invasions on the rise across the nation home alarm systems are more important to install now than they ever have been in the past. It’s frightening when you look at the statistics and see how many break-ins occur during the night when the occupants of the home are sleeping. For this reason, 24-hour systems need to be set into place to protect you, your possessions and your family.

Hardwired Home Alarm Systems

In the past alarm systems had to be hardwired until the breakthrough occurred that brought wireless systems onto the scene. Although they are still being used today and are quite effective, hardwired systems are more cumbersome than the wireless products being offered. A hardwired system needs electrical wires to operate so this limits where they can be placed. As well, if there is any problem with the electrical system in the home, the alarm monitoring will be down.

Wireless alarm systems

Wireless sensors are powered by batteries, which makes them easy to place anywhere. They are much more convenient than their hardwired counterparts and it is much less complicated to get them set up.

A wireless system uses radio wave frequencies that are sent from the motion sensors to the control unit. The signals can be carried quite a distance and are also able to pass through barriers. As well, a wireless system is harder for a criminal to immobilize.

You can expect to pay more for a wireless unit but overall the extra cost is well worth it. They are easier to set up again if you decide that you need to move them and they work extremely well.

Security cameras

Years ago only analog cameras were available for use on home alarm systems that have now been replaced by digital cameras and video recorders. There are many different makes, models and features available on these digital surveillance tools and with all of these varieties comes various prices as well. Many homeowners start out with a basic home security package and then upgrade as their budget allows.

No matter how much you can afford right now, getting your home security into place is a priority. A thief can compromise your home at any time and criminals are always on the lookout for a home without protection. Don’t let your home be the one that is targeted by thieves. Be proactive and install one of the home alarm systems that you can afford. You can never tell how soon you will need one.