How to Use a Wi-Fi WebCam for Home Surveillance

wifi webcamAs crime levels continue to increase you’ll likely want to consider using a Wi-Fi WebCam for your home surveillance. While you may already be protecting your home with an alarm system, having a security camera in place just makes everything that much more secure. If you can’t afford the high cost of video surveillance, consider using your WebCam for this purpose.

How to find the right web cam

If you have never used a WebCam before you may need some help figuring out which one would be best for surveillance. There are a lot of different WebCams being sold right now including wireless WebCams wired WebCams and ones that can be placed on a desk in front of you that you can use on Skype.

The best thing to look for is a wireless WebCam. As long as you have a wireless router and high-speed Internet you’ll be able to get started with a Wi-Fi WebCam for security purposes.

You will have to pay slightly more for a WebCam that is wireless but it’s really worth the price. If you have to use a wired one you’ll be limited in your options as to where can be placed. A wireless one can be put anywhere, as long as it can access the router.

Going shopping

When you’re out shopping for your WebCam look for one that says wireless 802.11 on the box. These types have a web surfer built right into them so that they can connect to the wireless network in your home or business. You do not have to keep your computer on for these cameras to be operational. You just need to make sure that your wireless network can support the camera being placed outside or inside a room in your house by providing good connectivity between the router and the Wi-Fi WebCam.

Setting up the WebCam

Take a look at the access points that you have in your home and where you feel a thief or criminal would choose to enter the property. Direct the Wi-Fi WebCam towards that area and make sure that it is sitting on something sturdy near a window.

Types of WebCams

Some Wi-Fi WebCams offer a night vision feature that can operate in total darkness at a distance of 20 feet or less away from the camera. You need to be aware, however, that this feature will not work through glass so it will need to be set up outside. There are also WebCams that offer motion detection that can be set up inside, in front of a window.

Using a Wi-Fi WebCam is the best way to use a budgeted surveillance system in your home or business. You can set up signs announcing that you are monitoring the property to help deter criminals from the area. When you simply can’t afford high monthly payments for video monitoring and don’t have enough to invest in a high quality security camera, these little WebCams can certainly do the job very well.