Security Sphere

Security Sphere – Are You Protected Against It?

security sphereIt doesn’t seem like there is any safe place to hide from computer viruses these days and Security Sphere is definitely proving this to be the case. It is a very sneaky and deceiving program that appears to be an antivirus but uses Trojans to attack your computer and bring it down. The only way to guard yourself against this nasty piece of software is to make sure that your antivirus software has Security Sphere protection on it.

How Security Sphere Works

Once this program makes its way onto your computer it runs a security scan that looks totally legitimate. You will believe that your computer is actually getting scanned and you won’t find out until too late that it was all a scam. When it is done it delivers a report that is completely fake telling you that your computer has several viruses attached to it. As well, various security alerts and pop-ups will appear, which will make you feel like you are indeed infected and need to take action.

It’s all about the money

At this point you’ll be frightened and quite concerned about your computer. This program will tell you that you need to purchase the professional version of Security Sphere in order to get rid of all of these viruses in the fake report before your computer is compromised. You’ll be told that the danger potential is great and that you could possibly lose everything that you have stored on your hard drive. It’s hard to ignore these warnings unless you are already aware that this is a scam that is trying to take away your hard-earned money.

What happens to your computer?

You’re going to be hit with pop-ups and messages continuously to the point where you will not be able to surf the net anymore until you agree to buy the program. There is really no use even trying to use your computer until you get rid of this security threat once and for all. You’ll even have a hard time downloading an antivirus program to help you deal with it due to all the pop-ups that are appearing on the screen. If you need to update your virus protection, you’ll have a fight getting that done as well.

The best thing that you can do is to update your virus software immediately and then check to make sure that this Security Sphere is one of the Trojans that will be checked. This way, if it happens to attach to your computer, you will simply be able to run your antivirus software to get rid of it without a problem.