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Wireless Security Camera System – The Practical Benefits

wireless security camera

For most homeowners, a wireless security camera is the best choice in home security. In the past, many security systems made use of CCTV cameras to offer that peace of mind needed at the home or in the office. Today, however, most people rely on a wireless camera system because of its simplicity and affordability.

Advantages of Wireless Security Camera

There are quite a few advantages to installing a wireless security camera system. The biggest advantage is that you no longer need wires for the network connection of the camera.  You will still need power for the camera, but eliminating the traditional wiring mess of a CCTV system is a welcome feature.  Another advantage is the security of the wireless camera itself.  By eliminating the wires in the system, there is no chance of anyone tapping into or cutting a connection to the camera. Each wireless security camera transmits encoded signals to the network access point. Wireless systems are also much easier to install since all you have to do is determine the strategic location of the cameras and you’re done.

What is Included with a Wireless Security System?

Most wireless security systems today will include a wireless security camera, (many systems come with at least two), and an LCD monitor. This is a basic system.  A cool feature of this wireless camera is the ability to monitor day or night and it can be active 24 hours a day. Most modern cameras are equipped with night vision and even in very dark areas, movement detection is possible. The LCD monitor displays images with color unlike CCTV cameras that only offer film in black and white.

The wireless security camera system may also include on-board memory cards that can be removed for viewing on a PC or laptop while some higher-end systems will include a network storage device that the security camera can send images to.

Stay Smart and Go Wireless

Having a wireless security camera system is convenient and smart way to keep property safe and secure.  You’ll have many options to choose from when it comes to your camera choices so be sure to research the features that are available. Memory space, day and night capability and the lens type are just a few things that you’ll want to take a closer look at.  Make sure to the time needed to fully research the features and the different benefits that will be right for you.

How to Use a Wi-Fi WebCam for Home Surveillance

wifi webcamAs crime levels continue to increase you’ll likely want to consider using a Wi-Fi WebCam for your home surveillance. While you may already be protecting your home with an alarm system, having a security camera in place just makes everything that much more secure. If you can’t afford the high cost of video surveillance, consider using your WebCam for this purpose.

How to find the right web cam

If you have never used a WebCam before you may need some help figuring out which one would be best for surveillance. There are a lot of different WebCams being sold right now including wireless WebCams wired WebCams and ones that can be placed on a desk in front of you that you can use on Skype.

The best thing to look for is a wireless WebCam. As long as you have a wireless router and high-speed Internet you’ll be able to get started with a Wi-Fi WebCam for security purposes.

You will have to pay slightly more for a WebCam that is wireless but it’s really worth the price. If you have to use a wired one you’ll be limited in your options as to where can be placed. A wireless one can be put anywhere, as long as it can access the router.

Going shopping

When you’re out shopping for your WebCam look for one that says wireless 802.11 on the box. These types have a web surfer built right into them so that they can connect to the wireless network in your home or business. You do not have to keep your computer on for these cameras to be operational. You just need to make sure that your wireless network can support the camera being placed outside or inside a room in your house by providing good connectivity between the router and the Wi-Fi WebCam.

Setting up the WebCam

Take a look at the access points that you have in your home and where you feel a thief or criminal would choose to enter the property. Direct the Wi-Fi WebCam towards that area and make sure that it is sitting on something sturdy near a window.

Types of WebCams

Some Wi-Fi WebCams offer a night vision feature that can operate in total darkness at a distance of 20 feet or less away from the camera. You need to be aware, however, that this feature will not work through glass so it will need to be set up outside. There are also WebCams that offer motion detection that can be set up inside, in front of a window.

Using a Wi-Fi WebCam is the best way to use a budgeted surveillance system in your home or business. You can set up signs announcing that you are monitoring the property to help deter criminals from the area. When you simply can’t afford high monthly payments for video monitoring and don’t have enough to invest in a high quality security camera, these little WebCams can certainly do the job very well.

Feel More Secure with Home Security Cameras

home security camerasIf you have been thinking about beefing up the security for your property you’ll have to take a good look at some of the home security cameras that are currently available. You’ll also want to get some basic information about security cameras to find out exactly what they can do to offer you the protection you really need nowadays.

Wired cameras

The security cameras on the market today are available in various sizes and shapes. Wired units can be fitted into such objects as well detectors, clocks etc. They are harder to work with, however, since they are hardwired and needs to be connected to an electrical outlet.

Wireless cameras

If you decide to use wireless cameras you’ll have a lot more flexibility and choice in finding the right position for them. Since they do not run on electricity they do not need to be near an outlet and can be installed in places that a thief would never suspect.

Internet cameras

Nowadays a lot of people are turning towards WebCams that can work through a wireless network in the home. These types of cameras are able to take a video signal and transfer it through the network to your IP address. Some of these cameras can also detect motion. In today’s highly technical world, these cameras work well by offering high security on a lower budget. A WebCam is very inexpensive to purchase yet does the trick very effectively. You can even put a system in place that will send you an email if any movement is detected. As well, you can monitor your home through your computer no matter where you are, as long as you have access to the Internet. This means that you can keep an eye on your home even when you’re half way across the world on a holiday.

Digital cameras

Digital cameras are often used when recording to tape isn’t the right option for the security system. A digital camera will store the pictures in its memory and they can be transferred to another device later if need be. These are the types of cameras that you would see running consistently at a gas station where monitoring is needed at all times. They can be referred to later if a problem does come up.

Home security cameras

These cameras work with a security system. They run on a battery and most use motion detection to give a signal that there is a problem. When motion is detected the video will start to record and will be transferred to a remote location where it is monitored. If there is any problem seen at the remote station you will be called immediately.

With all of the different types of home security cameras on the market these days, your best bet is to talk to a security company for a recommendation. Based on your budget, you’ll be given different options to explore that will give your home the protection it needs against unwanted criminal action.

Fake Security Cameras

Will Fake Security Cameras Help Deter Thieves?

fake security camerasFor people that are on a limited budget, fake security cameras are the next best thing to a complete home security system. Let’s face it, these days money can be tight and in order to protect your home you may have to get a bit sneaky. There is no way for a thief to know when he is lurking around in the middle of the night whether the camera you have set up is real or not. As long as he can see it, he will assume that it is real and chances are that he will choose another home for his criminal activity.

Here are the three most common types of fake security cameras that you can use for immediate protection. Since they are not really running, they are the easiest types of cameras to set up on your property.

1. Dome camera

This is a very inexpensive camera that you can pick up at a department store for less than $20. It runs on a battery and can detect motion. When something moves in front of the camera an LED light starts blinking.

2. Most realistic

The most realistic fake security camera available is one that pans from left to right when motion is detected for approximately 30 seconds. At the same time, the blinking LED light turns off and on. This is definitely something that would deter a criminal and with both of these actions occurring at the same time, it’s sure to get noticed.

3. Easy to install

This is another type of fake camera that is easy to use and to install is one that has blinking LED lights that remains on day and night. This one also pans left to right and back again whenever motion is detected. This camera only requires a screwdriver for installation and uses a 9 V battery for power.

There are a lot of different fake security cameras on the market these days and what you want to look for is the one that looks the most realistic. During the daytime you don’t want this camera to look like a toy at all. You’ll want it to look like a high-end security camera that is being monitored from a remote location.

If you can’t afford a real monitoring security system for your home right now, don’t disregard what fake security cameras can really do for you. In more than 90% of the cases a would-be thief will leave the premises as soon as they see a camera that looks realistic. For this type of home security a fake camera can do as good a job as a real one in scaring away would-be thieves.

Security Systems for Home

Five Reasons Why You Need Security Systems for Home Now

security systems for homeWhen it comes to home protection you need to invest in security systems for home now. The longer you put it off, the more chances there are of a home invasion happening. Break-ins occur when you least expect them and quite often a thief will enter a home when all the occupants are still sleeping. Without a home security system you are leaving yourself and your family vulnerable for an attack at any minute.

Here are the five top reasons why you need to get security systems for home immediately.

1. Family protection

Your family is counting on you to offer protection and keep the home safe. Any time an intruder enters your home it is a dangerous situation, even if it is only a thief that is running in to grab your television set. You need to give your family that sense of security that they deserve. If you have any pets, they deserve this protection as well.

2. Protect your valuables

You have invested a lot of money in the things you currently own and you have the right to keep them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of criminals that don’t think this way and feel that they have the right to take anything they want away from you. If you have a high-end television set, a computer, a cell phone, DVD players or expensive jewelry inside your home, you’ll want to keep its it as safe as possible from an attack both day and night.

3. Protection from vandalism

This usually occurs when you go away for a holiday. Some teenagers hear about the house being unoccupied and decide to have a party there or just break into the home to do some damage. When you have security systems for home that are monitored remotely, you can be sure that your place will be safe from vandalism whenever you decide to get away from it all for a holiday.

4. To feel safe

You owe it to yourself and your family to feel safe inside your own home. Everyone in this country has that right and the only way to really achieve it these days is to have some type of security system set up.

5. Identity protection

Some thieves break into homes to grab purses and wallets that contain vital information. Credit cards, birth certificates, debit cards, driver’s license and other pieces of identification can be worth a lot of money on the black market. If you’ve ever lost any of these things: you know what a pain it is to get them all replaced. The paperwork seems quite endless and it can be more frustrating to lose a piece of your identity than to have a big screen television set stolen.

These are just five of the main reasons why you need to get security systems for home now. When you’re looking for the peace of mind that can only come from being well protected, it’s your advantage to get a system set up right away so that you and your family can sit back and relax in your own dwelling without fear.

Home Surveillance Systems

Home Surveillance Systems – Understanding the Legalities

home surveillance systems

There are a few things that you need to learn about the legalities of home surveillance systems before you set one up. A lot of people assume that they have the right to put security cameras anywhere they want in the home or outside without giving notice that they are there. You’ll have to find out the legal ramifications before you do set them up, however, or you could end up with a lawsuit on your hands.

Of course, you’ll want to set up a camera near the front door of your home or business and in other areas that receive a lot of traffic as well. If you own a business you’ll want to have one set up near the cash register and in your home you may want one monitoring the garage area and the backyard. In most cases these cameras do not pose a problem at all but this can vary from state to state and country to country.

Security cameras at home

Problems can arise when you’re setting one up in your teenager’s bedroom, for example. Perhaps you have a boy that is going through a rough time and you want to monitor his behavior. In most areas it is not legal to monitor an area where you would expect a certain amount of privacy. This would include a changing room, bedroom or bathroom.

In most states it is fine to monitor with cameras in a public area but you should always check your state laws before going ahead and putting up a camera just in case. The thing you need to be careful of are cameras that also include audio. Recording someone’s conversation without their prior knowledge is usually illegal. There are a lot more laws that relate to audio recording then there are for strictly video monitoring.

Commercial cameras

As with the home surveillance systems, commercial systems also have legalities that must be followed. A dressing room, bathroom and a hotel room cannot be monitored. While the laws are less strict when it comes to commercial surveillance systems, the general rules still apply. Audio is still a no-no without prior permission.

You can find out the local laws in your area by contacting companies that deal with home surveillance systems. They will know the exact laws that apply since they deal with these types of issues on a day-to-day basis. That is the easiest way to find out the information but you can also contact authorities if you want to get the information directly from the horse’s mouth.

Home Security Tips

Home Security Tips – Feel Safer in Your Own Home Using These Valuable Tips

home security tipsYour home is your castle and that is why you want to use these home security tips to help you feel safe and secure. There is nothing worse than feeling vulnerable in your own home and that is why this selection of tips has been assembled for you. If you follow them you will start to feel safer immediately in the privacy of your house.

1. Install a security system

There are a lot of different levels of security systems that are currently on the market. If you decide to use a company that is professionally trained to install your system for you, you won’t have to worry about setting things up yourself and getting things just right. As well, you can opt for remote monitoring. If anything goes wrong and it gets set off, the company at the other end will phone you to make sure that everything is okay. If they don’t receive an answer the police will be dispatched to check and make sure that the house and the occupants are all okay.

2. Use fake cameras

If you don’t have the means to pay for a whole system, you’ll want to at least set up some fake cameras. In most cases a criminal won’t be able to tell the difference between a real camera and a fake one, which gives you extra protection for your home.

3. Always leave a light on

Although this is one of the very basic home security tips, it is one of the most important. Every time you leave your home, especially during the evening hours when it will be getting dark, leave at least one light on in the home. A thief will choose a home that is completely in the dark before he will enter one that has some lights on in it. The chances are better of the intruder getting caught if he enters a home with lighting and he can never be sure that there isn’t anybody home at the time.

4. Work with your neighbors

Your neighbors can be your best friend when it comes to protecting your home. Select a few neighbors that you trust and have a group protection system set in place where everybody watches each other’s homes. Exchange phone numbers and if anything looks or seems out of place one neighbor can call the other to make sure that everything is okay inside the house. This works especially well when you’re planning a trip. You can even ask your neighbors to walk into the home at least once a day to make sure that the home seem occupied.

5. If you like dogs, get one

Dogs are not only man’s best friend but they are also man’s best protector. Even a small dog can act as a guard dog against an unwanted visitor. When a thief tries to enter a home and hears a dog barking he will often leave quickly. The criminal will not know whether there is a big dog or a small one behind the doors. He will also know that you have been alerted by a dog that something is amiss in the house.

When you follow these 5 home security tips you’ll feel a lot safer being in your home. When it comes down to it, your home means everything to you and you should put every effort forward into keeping it secure.

Home Security System Reviews

home security system reviewsIf you have been looking for a surveillance system for your home and have gotten a bit confused by all of the different offers and features being advertised, take a look through these home security system reviews. There are some really great companies out there offering security systems for your home but there are also some they just don’t make the grade.


This used to be the Brinks home security network until it merged with ADT. It is a well known and recognized company for home security and you cannot go wrong by using their services. They offer quality service and most of all reliability. ADT has been in business for years and has built up quite a reputation for themselves. Although their prices are slightly higher than many other companies, it is well worth the price if you’re looking for peace of mind in a company that you know will be around for many years to keep you protected.

Frontpoint Security

This is another good company that has built up good marks for customer service and reliability. Their website is informative and easy to navigate. They offer flexible contracts, which is a big winner for most people. A lot of homeowners don’t want to take on a long-term contract if they’re not sure how long they’re going to be occupying the house. If a move is imminent in the near future, a short-term contract would be best.

Protect America

This company uses new and innovative technologies for 24-hour monitoring. Customer service is great, the price is reasonable and many plans include the equipment at no extra cost. This is a good company to work with and is one of the better companies out there for home security.

Guardian Protection Services

This is one of the not-so-great companies that we have examined in our home security system reviews. You’re not able to do a price comparison with this company since you cannot get a final price until you’ve spoken to someone in sales. There has been a lot of negative feedback about this company and they seem to charge more than most companies for lesser service.

When you’re looking for the best protection possible for your home, look through the home security system reviews of each company first. There are many websites that offer honest reviews by customers that have actually used the business and are leaving feedback. Since you will be signing a contract, it is more important than ever to use due diligence to make sure that the company you are working with is giving you the best deal possible.

Home Security Companies

Home Security Companies – How to Find the Best Company to Protect Your Home

home security companiesWhen you’re looking for home security companies you’ll want to find the best one that you can rely on for many years to keep your home safe. There are a lot of things that you should consider when you’re looking for a company that you can trust. Here are some of the main points to look for in a home surveillance company.

1. Look at reviews

There are thousands of reviews on the Internet for different home security companies in your area. Since many of these companies operate nationwide, you won’t have a problem finding customer testimonials or negative feedback about different businesses. If you are looking at a company that only deals in your local area, there are also websites like Yelp that list honest customer reviews from real clients. You can also check the status of the company with the Better Business Bureau website online. This is always a good way to find out how the company is treating its customers.

2. Look at the pricing

In order to really compare the pricing fairly you’re going to have to take out a pen and a piece of paper. Just because one company is cheaper than the others does not mean that you are getting better value for your money. Perhaps there aren’t as many features offered or the equipment isn’t as good as what you would find with a higher price company. It will probably take you an hour to go through all of the material but when you consider that you will be signing a contract, it’s time well spent on your part.

3. Talk to your insurance company

Insurance companies will usually lower your home insurance premium when you sign up for a home security system. The problem is that not all companies are recognized by insurance companies and you want to make sure that the one you plan on dealing with is covered by your personal insurance company. Talk to the insurance company about the company you want to work with to find out how much you can save or if you could save more by dealing with a different home security company.

4. Look at the terms and conditions

This is the fine print and it’s always important to read this before you sign any type of contract. Some home security companies do not offer flexible contracts and lock you into a long-term deal that you can’t get out of easily. As well, some companies will set you up for an automatic renewal once your contract is over. These are the types of things that you need to check first before committing to any company.

When you follow these four steps for choosing the best business to work with you will be far more confident working with them than if you just choose one at random. There are a lot of good home security companies out there but there are also a few that you should definitely stay away from. Do your homework so that you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you picked the right one.

Home Security Camera Systems

Home Security Camera Systems – An In-Depth Look at Camera Types

home security camera systemsWith so many different home security camera systems available, how do you know which one would be the best for your home? There are systems that will monitor your home from a remote location, systems that you set up to monitor yourself and even fake cameras that you can place around your home to make it look like you have a system set up.

Here is a look at the different types of systems and camera types that you’ll need to consider.

Remote monitoring

With this type of system your security will be monitored by a company at a remote location. This is the best type of security that you could possibly set up for your home, but it is also the most costly. Any time there is activation on the cameras the company will be alerted and will check out the situation. You will be called to find out if everything is okay in your home and the police will be dispatched if it looks like there may be a problem. These types of home security camera systems baby-sit you and your home to make sure that you are safe at all times. They are best for people that take frequent holidays or business trips and leave the home vacant quite a bit.


You’ll have some different choices to make when you are going to be monitoring your own system. If you want to keep an eye on who is arriving at the front door 24/7, a video feed without a recorder would be enough. If, however, you want to record things that are occurring in an area over a longer time span, you may want to connect your security cameras to a recording system. The VCR works well for this as does a high-end DVD recorder. In order to avoid wasting time on the video, many home security camera systems are motion sensitive and only start recording when motion is detected in the specific area.

Wired versus wireless cameras

There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these home security camera systems. Wired cameras are definitely harder to set up in most cases and if you are trying to install a hidden camera it will be hard to get away with it considering all the wires will be visible. On the other hand, wireless cameras can experience a problem with their signal. If you have a baby monitor, cordless phone or wireless Internet setup in your home some of the video feeds can be intercepted by any of these. The only way to avoid this situation is to make sure that the wireless system you purchase is encrypted so that the lines on it don’t cross with feed from your other home networks.

When you’re looking at home security camera systems you’ll want to find the best one that works for you. Sit down and outline exactly what you want to get monitored and how you want to go about doing it. You’ll also want to do some price comparisons to find out which type of system will work into your budget the best. If you can’t afford a proper system right now, look at fake cameras that are very realistic. If nothing else, you’ll be able to scare away a would-be thief in most cases.