Understanding the Most Common Security Cameras

security camerasThese days it seems as if everybody is using security cameras to protect themselves against harm and theft. It is really the only sensible solution to dealing with the high crime rate. If you haven’t gotten on board the security bandwagon yet to protect yourself and your family, it’s about time to do so. The sense of relief you’ll experience once you have set up one of these cameras is incredible and really hard to describe.

Here are the five most common security cameras that you should better understand before getting one installed.

1. Wireless security cameras

These are the most common cameras nowadays since their technology has been improved and they work flawlessly. These are quite simple to install and because there are no wires they can be put anywhere. While you may have to pay a bit extra for these types when compared to the wired models, they are definitely worth the price. They add so much more flexibility to your security options.

2. Wired cameras

These cameras are wired and placed on a permanent mount either outside or inside the home. They are less expensive than the wireless cameras but they are a lot more vulnerable. If anything should happen to the wire, it can get pricey to get it fixed.

3. Hidden security cameras

These are also nicknamed “spy cameras” since they are hidden in places where they cannot be detected. Some of these cameras are quite elaborate and come with a housing that looks just like something else that you would place in your home. For example, you can purchase a clock with a hidden camera already installed in it. Nobody will know that there is a camera inside unless you tell them.

4. Cameras with motion sensors

These types of security cameras can detect motion and turn on the spotlight in the direction where the motion was coming from. If that isn’t enough to scare off a criminal with bad intentions, the video will record the thief and his actions outside your home for future reference.

5. Night vision cameras

These cameras will monitor your property no matter how dark the lighting is outside. Although they cost more, they are well worth the price since you probably have some poorly lit areas around your property that need protecting.

When you consider how much you have to possibly lose by not installing security cameras, it’s really a small price to pay to invest in one today. Prevention is always the best cure when it comes to home security and the right way to get this done is by installing cameras that you can count on both day and night for protection.